A place where community members come with a wish for how to make the community better and where the community makes it happen

Our Motto : Teen Driven Adult Directed

Our Mission

The mission of the WISH Center is to provide a multi-use inter-generational community center which inspires the White Sulphur Springs community to reach its full potential becoming physically, socially, spiritually, emotionally, and cognitively well. We value that all persons are created equally, and therefore deserve equal opportunities and community support.  

“What a wonderful idea for the community, everyone working together while getting healthier. Love the fact that seniors, families and children are learning together.”
— White Sulphur Springs Resident


After school and preschool programs

Computer graphics, coding, and video production

Tutoring & Mentoring

Physical activities for all ages

Music & Art Classes

Support local foods to help the local economy and  increase food security.

Developing an internet bar with healthy smoothies, and coffees

Veteran involvement and support groups like the  CARxE Coalition 

Senior classes and support groups

Vocation training, job connections, education on obtaining a job.